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Yee haw! It’s time for the Wild West Rodeo at the Y’s Men’s Rodeo!
The Wild West Rodeo is Friday, October 5, at 5 pm!
It’s a special event for children 13 and under to participate with the assistance of a partner in eight modified rodeo events. The activities are patterned after the real rodeo events, but are specially designed for children with exceptional situations.
There will be plenty of eager partners and helpers to guide the children safely through the events. To alleviate congestion in the arena, all parents are asked to watch from the bleachers.
Upon arrival, go to the main lobby of the arena. A rodeo queen will be there to greet you. Each child will receive an official t-shirt, bandana, lariat rope, cowboy hat, and rodeo number. Upon completion of the events, each child will receive a rodeo trophy and a participation blue ribbon. Each child will also pose with his/her partner for a rodeo photo, to be autographed as a special keepsake.
The smiles are unforgettable and the memories never end! Join us in the “Wild West” for fun! All special needs children are encouraged to participate and to stay for the rodeo performance that evening.
Stephanie Fitzgerald


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